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Angular Technology

If you want to create a user-friendly application or a web platform that will be popular among diverse categories of users, an attractive and multifunctional interface is a must. It is when Angular technology comes into action.


Angular is an open-sourced web application framework that expands the existing JavaScript features. It allows developers to deliver interactive, visually-attractive, and convenient in use interfaces for your software.

As a company with solid experience in working on web-based software, Binariks widely implements Angular front end solutions for businesses. Our professionals employ various functionalities of this flexible framework notable for its stable code base, high productivity, and rich ecosystem.

Epiccortex, a reputable Angular development company, uses the framework to build dynamic web applications that express the full potential of current frontend technologies and can be easily upgraded. Our Angular developers consider all your requirements to create a custom interface and design for software that will help you achieve the most sophisticated business goals.

At Epiccortex, we know the Angular framework from the core and are ready to provide high-quality services to our clients from different industries and with various business goals.

Angular Development Services We Offer


Angular web development

Design of SaaS software

Responsive design

Angular development services for e-commerce solutions


CMS design and development


Portal development


Upgrading from AngularJS to Angular

Why Angular

Platform-agnostic framework

The Angular team can focus on the frontend development of diverse products, regardless of the platform. This technology creates interactive interfaces and designs for web systems, mobile applications, and desktop software run on either Linux, macOS, or Windows. 


Angular services ensure fast and convenient code generation based on your templates and maintain code-consistency. The technology is perfectly compatible with other languages and has an integrated code-splitting function that increases a developer’s productivity.

Faster deployment

Diverse functionalities of the framework ensure fast UI views. It also includes features that allow developers to conduct fast tests and receive error notifications and other feedback on various stages. All such features enhance the creation of a quality-centric, ready for deployment product in much shorter terms. 

Advanced Customization Functionalities

Angular development services include the creation of high-performance choreographies and sophisticated animations. Broad functionalities and its accessibility enable the creation of interactive interfaces and attractive design for various applications. A rich ecosystem surrounding this technology can provide Angular developers with creative ideas.


Angular software contains security barriers protecting the application from HTTP vulnerabilities, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site script inclusion. Applied by our skilled professionals, such protections will ensure top-notch security of your project.