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PHP Technology

PHP scripting language powers more than 80% of the Internet. This server-side technology provides businesses with multiple benefits, including fast load time, flexibility, and outstanding cost-efficiency.


Epiccortex is proud of its reputation as a dependable PHP development company. We have significant expertise in providing PHP web services, PHP desktop application development, and many other services associated with this technology. If you do not know where to hire PHP developer, our company may become a game-changing solution for your business.

We provide a broad range of PHP development services to reinforce your efforts at all stages of software development life cycle. Epiccortex works with a significant number of organizations, ranging from strong startups to established businesses. Companies from a broad range of industries can outsource PHP development to our software engineers. Our skilled technology experts work with diverse tools to create PHP systems for a broad range of purposes.

PHP Development Services We Offer



Web software development

Desktop app development

Software upgrade


Software upgrade


Quality assurance and testing


Product support and maintenance

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Laravel is one of the most widespread PHP software frameworks. It is designed to create web applications with a model–view–controller architectural pattern. Our dedicated software engineers use the PHP framework Laravel to deliver high-performance web software.

Zend 2

Zend 2 is an open-source framework that includes the collection of the most innovative PHP web development tools. This technology allows our software developers to expand the functionalities of the programming language to the maximum, which is essential for developing feature-packed software.


Codeigniter is a framework notable for its minimal footprint. At Epiccortex, we use Codeigniter to cope with diverse tasks, such as creating a simple in use and highly dynamic PHP web application or a large-scale online platform. This technology is also applied to enhance developers' efficiency.


Slim framework is widely applied by our software engineers when it comes to working on simple yet very powerful web solutions and APIs. This technology brings much value to the PHP web development process due to its convenience in use and speed.


Lumen is a powered by Laravel micro-framework. It is widely applied in designing PHP app microservices. Lumen is a relevant solution to projects that prioritize speed over the configurability of the designed software. Our skilled software engineers use Lumen to create top-notch web applications.