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Epiccortex is a digital tech partner for clients across the globe. We leverage our vast tech experience to help global companies and established businesses to innovate and transform their business by building impactful digital solutions and teams.​


  1. We provide advanced consulting and software engineering services to clients across the globe. Epiccortex is a dynamic and agile partner that uses lean organization principles to provide businesses from a broad range of industries with game-changing solutions. We are dedicated to our client’s goals and ready to fulfill their most ambitious plans to make them the next industry leaders.

  2.      Epiccortex powered by Admysys embodies the vision shared by industry experts with more than 20 years of working experience in              Europe’s largest IT outsourcing companies. We have a significant proven record of cutting-edge software engineering services                                     provided to clients requiring assistance at diverse stages of the software development life cycle.                                                                                    
  3. Lean organization approach, agile methodology, and the diversity of engagement models are the underlying features of our approach.               Epiccortex software engineering experts are always open to communication, skilled in up-to-date technologies, and capable of coping with multiple tasks within limited deadlines.                               


As the digital era grows, word of mouth is no longer enough. Being more successful online is what is going to help propel your business into success. E-commerce SEO plays a compelling role in your  business marketing efforts.

Epiccortex cloud computing expertise allows us to deliver cloud, hybrid cloud, and serverless architecture for needs. your business.

Epiccortex helps you create scalable, dynamic, and multifunctional applications that will kickstart your business’s outreach. We work with a broad technological stack to deliver native and hybrid applications for iOS and Android.

Epiccortex provides experienced software engineers for the development of highly-scalable and feature-packed web platforms.



Our organizational culture is built on a strong awareness of collaboration and its contribution to excellence. We work as a team of dedicated professionals united by a unique synergy of goals, values, and ambitions.


Proactiveness and involvement are the essentials of our approach, and we are ready to provide our clients with ideas they have never even thought of. Our goal is to participate in every step of our customers’ software delivery process to ensure success.


Trust is essential for both our internal cooperation and long-term partnership with clients. Epiccortex embraces the culture of transparency and accountability that allows us to create the most productive work environment.


We strive for clear communication, internally and externally. Our openness and flexibility, help our organization work as a perfectly adjusted system and make our clients closer to us.


Getting things done well is one of our top priorities. We cope with the most significant challenges and constantly improve our skills to achieve even more. Epiccortex fosters the culture of personal growth and development, which is shared by all our employees.


At Epiccortex, we aim at long-term and reliable partnerships with all our customers. Client focus is one of the most valuable features of our highly-personalized approach. We are result-oriented and understand how to bring real value to our customers.



“Epiccortex has delivered high-quality work and helped achieve a better user experience.Experienced and professional, they go above and beyond to meet all needs, while their superb communication skills helped them establish a seamless process.”


Raul Blanco.

“Im really impressed by your company’s values and mission statement. I find that many of the things that are important to this company are also important to me. I have always admired the way that this company has had such a strong focus on delivering top-quality customer service.”

John Harley.