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Node.js Technology

Node.js is a tried and trusted solution for the development of scalable web applications. This JavaScript runtime environment provides software developers with many benefits, such as resource-efficiency, sustainability, and the ability to execute code outside the browser. Interested in employing the unlimited potential of Node.js web application development? You’re in the right place!


Epiccortex developers have outstanding expertise in providing Node.js development services to businesses interested in employing the full potential of web application development. We have a proven record of successful projects involving Node.js technology. Our pro Node.js developers keep up with the most valuable technology trends and continuously expand their stack of Node.js development tools to provide our clients with quality-centric services. Constant improvement of our skills and deliberate attention to clients’ requirements are the essentials of our approach.

We provide a broad range of Node.js development services, ranging from mere technology consulting to writing web applications from scratch. Epiccortex also offers multiple cooperation formats. We can extend your existing team with our technology experts or deliver a dedicated team that will handle all the stages of the Node.js development lifecycle. Binariks provides quality-driven and cost-efficient Node.js rapid development services that will facilitate the implementation of your most ambitious business goals.

Node.js Development Services We Offer



Custom Node.js app development

System architecture and design

App migration


API development


Quality assurance and testing


Support and maintenance

We Work With


Our Node.js developers use this backend web application framework for building APIs and web application development. It is a flexible and multifunctional technology that allows our software engineers to employ the full potential of Node.js runtime environment to deliver scalable and feature-packed web solutions.


We use this open-source language to write stable code supported with static type definitions. TypeScript is a convenient in use and multifunctional solution for creating web applications and Node.js API development.


Epiccortex software engineers use Sequelize among the most valuable Node.js development tools. This object-relational mapping feature ensures better efficiency for our professionals and allows us to save time. Powerful migration mechanisms peculiar to Sequelize allow us to conveniently transform the existing database schema.


Our developers widely apply this remote procedure call protocol to optimize the application’s connection with a server. JSON-RPC is an essential technology in terms of building a stable Node.js backend


Epiccortex Node developers use this open standard application layer protocol to deliver a secure and stable message-oriented middleware. We take full advantage of this technology’s reliability and functionality while working on diverse web development projects.