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JAVA Technology

Java software has already become a universal solution for businesses interested in embracing the full potential of digitalization. Notable for its vibrant community, security, and scalability, this programming language is widely used for designing applications of the highest quality.


At Epiccortex, we consider Java development to be one of our core competencies. We have a broad experience that ranges from creating big, highly available, and fault-tolerant SaaS Java apps to highly-scalable web applications. Apart from designing new applications, we provide Java consulting services, maintain and upgrade your existing software, and ensure its cross-platform migration.

Our company can provide a dedicated team that will facilitate your project at all stages of Java application development, extend your existing software team with our Java developers, or cope with a specific fixed task. A proven record of successful projects, our agility, and devotion to the clients’ goals make us one of the most reputable partners in the software engineering domain.

Java Development Services We Offer


Custom Java Applications Development

Java Enterprise Application Development (JEE)

Java Web Development

Java Mobile Application Development (J2ME, Android)


Java Applications Migration, Enhancement and Integration


Java Application Maintenance


Java Application Testing

We Work With


Various elements of the Spring application framework are widely applied in Java software solution development. Spring Booth enables us to create stand-alone software conveniently. We introduce the Spring Data JPA library to improve the developers’ efficiency. Spring Security creates additional security barriers for our applications. Spring Cache adds convenience to our developers’ work by optimizing cache management.


Epiccortex software engineers use Hibernate as one of the most dependable Java development tools. This object-relational mapping tool relieves developers from manual handling, which significantly improves their efficiency. We use Hibernate in Java web development, desktop application projects, and mobile development.


At Epiccortex, we apply this open-source database-independent library to track and manage database schema changes. Our Java developers have a rich experience in using this technology for the development of scalable enterprise-oriented app


Our developers use this open-source tool to ensure fast, convenient, and secure database migration. We apply a broad list of designed for working with other Java development tools plugins to configure and optimize database-related processes.


We use this build automation tool for multi-language software development to manage various management processes across the complete application lifecycle. Gradle’s basic functionalities enable our software engineers to deliver top-notch Java mobile apps and provide enterprises with Java for website development services.