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React Technology

React.js is one of the most relevant libraries expanding the functionalities of JavaScript. Once it goes about developing attractive, user-friendly, and interactive interfaces for web or mobile applications, this technology brings a broad range of solutions. Supported with a significant stack of supplementary tools and libraries, React.js is the technology that will take your web or mobile platform to the next level.


Epiccortex has outstanding expertise in applying React.js for the development of top-quality interfaces and UI components. Our experienced React developers skillfully apply diverse functionalities of the library to employ the full potential of JavaScript technologies. We provide a broad range of React development services to companies that aim at launching user-friendly applications. Whether you need a technical consultation or seek experts that will handle your React web development project, Epiccortex is ready to become your dependable technology partner.

Our company offers multiple modes of cooperation. We can extend your existing team, provide a dedicated team that will handle all stages of your project, or help you solve a single task at a fixed price. While choosing us as your technology partner, you receive an outstanding combination of expertise, quality, price, efficiency, and openness for communication. Our React.js developers will take into account all your requirements to create interfaces for applications that really make the difference.

React.js Services We Offer


React.js consulting

React mobile application development

React web application development


Software upgrade and migration


Quality assurance testing


Support and maintenance

We Work With


Our software engineering professionals use MobX to optimize state management. It also enhances scalability options through functional reactive programming.


We use Redux JavaScript library to manage application state. Our developers also employ diverse technologies from the Redux stack, namely Redux Thunk and Redux-Saga, as middlewares used to manage application side effects.


TypeScript is known as a strict syntactical superset for JavaScript. It also adds additional JS functionalities, such as static typing. React TypeScript is broadly applied by our software engineers for client-side execution of large applications.

React Router

Epiccortex professionals use this collection of navigational components to manage routing of our React.js apps. This technology allows us to embrace the benefits of efficient dynamic routing.


Our experienced software engineers broadly use webpack to bundle JavaScript files for usage in a browser. We use this technology to deliver stable and user-friendly interfaces.