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Our team is composed of experienced software engineering professionals skilled in applying a broad technological stack of programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. At Epiccortex, we use up-to-date technologies to deliver cutting-edge software development, testing, deployment, and scaling solutions to businesses from diverse industries.




Java programming language, a tried and trusted solution in the domain of software development, provides multiple features and functionalities for the creation of top quality applications that make the difference.





.NET is a flexible and feature-packed framework, which is widely applied for backend development.  Epiccortex provides a broad range of services to organizations interested in employing the potential of .NET software development.




Android application development is a reliable solution for any organization that wants to kickstart its outreach with the help of mobile technologies. Epiccortex is a reputable technology partner that applies a broad technological stack to provide its customers with cutting-edge Android solutions.




Explore the full potential of iOS application development with Epiccortex software engineers. A broad technological stack and many years of experience allow us to deliver stylish, use friendly, and feature packed iOS applications.




React is one of the most relevant solutions when it comes to exploring the full potential of JavaScript. Epiccortex provides a significant list of React development services to companies that want to use this technology in order to build top-quality web or mobile apps.




User-friendly and attractive interface is a must for web applications aimed at making a difference. Angular provides a broad range of functions that allow developers to design state of the art app interfaces. Binariks offers Angular development services to organizations that want to employ the potential of this technology.






PHP is a scripting language that powers most of the Internet. If you are interested in launching highly-scalable and secure PHP solutions that meet your business needs, make sure to explore our list of services and significant PHP development expertise.




Node.js has already become one of the dominant technologies in the domain of web development. Epiccortex is a reliable partner when it comes to applying this runtime environment for developing stable and highly-scalable software.